The 3 Best Oil For Electric Chainsaws For Optimum Performance

Wondering about the best oil for electric chainsaw? Electric chainsaws are a great tool for tackling outdoor projects. Whether you’re trimming trees, cutting firewood, or removing stumps, an electric chainsaw is the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently. But in order to keep your electric chainsaw running at its best, it’s important to use the right oil.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best oil for electric chainsaws so that you can ensure optimum performance from your machine. We’ll discuss what features make a good oil for an electric chainsaw, as well as which brands offer the best products on the market today. So if you want to get the maximum performance out of your electric chainsaw without compromising on quality or safety, read on!

Features To Look for In Oil For Electric Chainsaws

When in search of the best oil for electric chainsaw, you want to keep in mind important features such as the ones below.


Electric chain saws should only be lubricated with particular bar and chain oil, created exclusively for this purpose. What’s more – these oils are crafted to ensure that they don’t have a hazardous effect on the environment. If you opt for any other types, such as reclaimed motor or vegetable oil, then it can bring about irreversible damage to your device’s oiling system.


While chainsaw bar oils are typically either petroleum or vegetable-based, both inevitably result in an oil sling during use. As a result of this, some regions have established regulations requiring the utilization of biodegradable, vegetable-based chainsaw lubricants to help protect the environment.

Even for those not bound by such laws and regulations, many choose bio-based options simply because it’s better for the earth.

Oil Weight

Chainsaw bar oil is accessible in various weights, just like motor oil; with 10W being the lightest and 50W being the heaviest. A 30W chainsaw bar oil is generally regarded as ideal for warm climates. Nevertheless, many producers don’t specify it according to weight but instead categorize their oils as “Winter,” “Summer,” or “All-Season.”

For winter weather conditions a 10W formula usually works best while during very hot temperatures you may need something thicker – 40 to 50 weight range typically does well then.


Formulated with a range of additives, chainsaw oil not only prevents rust and corrosion to improve the longevity of your machine but also reduces sling so you can enjoy smoother cutting. Besides that, its tackiness helps prevent sap and debris from sticking onto the chain while maintaining optimal ‘slippage’, making it easier for efficient operations.


To make it simpler to identify how much oil has been applied and the level of oil left in your reservoir, some chain saw bar oils are colored red. If no color is added, you can expect these oils to range from a light brown hue to a darker shade.


When selecting the size of your chainsaw bar oil, consider that you will be using it frequently. Unlike engine oils which can last a while, this type of lubricant should be reapplied regularly. Fortunately, you have two convenient options to choose from: a quart-size bottle or a gallon-size container.


While it isn’t imperative to use chainsaw oils explicitly manufactured by your saw’s manufacturer, they may offer the best lubrication and results for that particular model. Some other manufacturers will indicate a certain brand or producer of oil which is suited for their chain saws – so make sure you glance through your owner’s manual for more details on appropriate specifications.

Additional Considerations

Chain saw companies have conducted an array of tests to uncover the most efficient lubrication for their systems. While utilizing certain oils might be less expensive or convenient in the short term, using incorrect oil may prove more costly due to repairs needed over time.

Best Oil For Electric Chainsaws Reviewed In This Guide

Oregon Bar and Chain Oil for Chainsaws

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Oregon Bar and Chain Oil is an all-season lubricant designed for gas and electric chainsaws, pole saws, hedge trimmers, and any other equipment that uses a slide bar or chain gear.

Its premium formulation delivers extra tackiness for smoother cuts, prevents oil throw-off in winter, and resists the build-up of resins and gum so you don’t have to worry about excessive wear or scuffing on metal parts. Plus it provides superior protection against rust & corrosion.

It’s best used right after your open your new chain package and with each tank of gas thereafter; perfect choice for Pole Saws & Hedge Trimmers as well as the CS1500 Oregon Chainsaw Lubri-Tec Automatic Oiling System.

Sun Joe SWJ-OIL Premium Bar, Chain, and Sprocket Oil

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Sun Joe SWJ-OIL Premium Bar, Chain, and Sprocket Oil is considered one of the best oil for electric chainsaw. This cutting-edge high-performance bar and chain oil reduces friction while prolonging the life of bars, chains, and sprockets.

It resists temperatures that are both high and low in order to provide reliable all-season performance.

Compatible with most speeds from any pole saw or chain saw this 1-quart bottle reduces friction during operation for a smoother cut every time. Get the best possible results with Sun Joe SWJ-OIL.

EGO Premium Chain Saw Bar and Chain Oil

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EGO POWER+ Premium Bar and Chain Oil, is among the best oil for electric chainsaw, ensuring it performs with superior results. This premium oil-free formula outperforms traditional bar and chain oils while being 100% bio-based and biodegradable.

It will extend the life of your EGO POWER+ Chain Saw’s bar and chain for an efficient performance that provides the best value.

All genuine EGO parts are designed specifically for EGO products, guaranteeing optimal quality, performance, and affordability.

Types Of Oil For Electric Chainsaws

Summer Oils

Summer-centric oils are more viscous and full-bodied, particularly designed for the warmer summer months when vehicle engines require extra lubrication.

Winter Oils

Conversely, winter oils are less viscous and thinner, enabling chainsaws to operate with ease in frigid temperatures.

Oil Alternatives

2-Stroke Oil

To power two-cycle engines, you may select to mix oil and gas with the 2-stroke oil solution. However, it’s crucial to maintain a precise ratio of these components since an incorrect level can lead to inadequate lubrication, diminished performance, smoky exhausts, leakage issues, and reduced engine vigor.

4-Stroke Oil

When four-cycle engines are running, both oil and gasoline must be independently stored in distinct reservoirs. Four-stroke motor oils containing special additives support the various engine stages like exhaust, power, intake, and compression. Such oils are a necessity for any successful four-cycle engine operation.

Motor Oil

Motor oil might be an acceptable substitute for chainsaw lubricant, but it is not the best option for your engine. To prevent damage to your saw and guarantee optimal performance, use only the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer. Be sure to read through the user manual prior to using any new oils on your machine in order to learn more about their properties.

10W30 Oil

10W30 oil is not the best choice of bar oil for a chainsaw, but it will do in a pinch. Its multi-weight properties allow you to use it all year round: when heated up during winter months, its viscosity increases and provides better protection; however, if your saw gets dropped in summer temperatures it can become too thick and hard to work with.

Common Questions About Oil For Electric Chainsaws

Do electric chainsaws need chainsaw oil?

Electric chain saws get their power from electricity, not gas. You don’t need to mix fuel as you do for gas-powered chain saws. Electric chain saws still need oil to keep the bar and chain running smoothly. They use the same kind of oil as a gas-powered chain saw.

How much bar oil should a chainsaw use?

Each tank of fuel you use should utilize at least half, if not the entirety, of your bar oil reservoir. If you run out before finishing a tankful of gas, then it is essential to raise the amount flowing from the reservoir.

What viscosity is chainsaw bar oil?

Chainsaw bar oil viscosity tends to differ, depending on its formula. 30W is usually the standard selection; however, when temperatures drop low and cold weather approaches, a thin 10W chainsaw oil may be favorable instead. On the other hand, during very hot climates, it would be recommended to opt for thicker 40W or even 50W formulas instead.

Do electric chainsaws use a different oil?

If you want to ensure that your electric chainsaw runs smoothly and efficiently, then it’s essential to use a high-quality bar and chain oil. This is the same kind of lubricant used in gas chainsaws, as it helps reduce friction while keeping all its internal components well-oiled.

What Happens If The Chainsaw Oil Has Gone Bad?

If you don’t replace the engine oil in your chainsaw, it will negatively affect its performance. Two-cycle oils offer up to five years of life when unopened, and two once opened – so make sure to keep an eye on this important maintenance element.

What are the dangers of using the wrong oil?

Taking the wrong oil for your bar and chain can be disastrous. Not only it will cause damage to both, but also deteriorate the sprocket drive and clutch assembly. If you notice smoke or heat radiating from your tip, this is a sign of low lubrication – shut off the engine immediately and inspect the oiling system without fail.

Video Best Oil For Electric Chainsaws

Check out the video below and learn more about some of the best oils for an electric chainsaw. Make sure to choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best oil for electric chainsaw is key to ensuring its optimal performance. This article has provided you with a comprehensive guide on what types of oils are best suited for an electric chainsaw, as well as considerations about cost and environmental impact.

With this knowledge in hand, you now have all the tools necessary to make an informed decision regarding which type of oil best fits your needs and budget. Choosing the best oil for electric chainsaw will help keep your chainsaw running smoothly while prolonging its lifespan – allowing you to enjoy years of reliable use from your machine.


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Jack Williams is a Portland-based chainsaw expert with over 10 years of experience in the field. He completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington and has been passionate about power tools ever since. Jack's vision for this site is to provide readers with comprehensive information on chainsaws, including how to choose, maintain, and enhance their performance.
Photo of author
Jack Williams is a Portland-based chainsaw expert with over 10 years of experience in the field. He completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington and has been passionate about power tools ever since. Jack's vision for this site is to provide readers with comprehensive information on chainsaws, including how to choose, maintain, and enhance their performance.